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Because of its rotation that creates a force directed towards its outer edges, the entire building’s circular shape can be tought of as a hanging structure, similar to a hanging bridge that is held over a void by cables. However, instead of having these cables attached to grounded pillars, each cable is attached to the diametrically opposite point of the structure, which is itself subject to a force of opposite direction and of equal strength.

In order to avoid the cables from going through the central section, we use pairs of parallel cables to link opposite points on the inner side of the torus. We’ll call these cables “rays”. Perpendicular cables link the rays at their anchor point with the inner side of the torus, thus generating a pulling strength towards the center of the structure. “Vertical” pillars hold the supporting outer edge of the torus (floor) to the rays anchor point (roof).

Whilst the illustration shows only one pair, the ideal number of rays is 32 (16 pairs of parallel rays), yielding a 7,8-meter middle area which can hold the center module.

The entire ray-cable-pillar structure will be doubled for sturdiness and balance. There will therefore be one pair of pillars at every 7.85 linear meter of torus floor. The pillars will thus hold two rails of understructure running all around the torus’ floor, over which the remaining of the torus structure will be built.


Elevators are two tubes that link the core and the torus. A cabin travels inside each tube, to shuttle passengers between torus and core.

During its trajectory, the cabin will be subject to a variable gravitational field g=0,1964*d in m/s2, where d is the distance between the cabin position at any given time and the core center in meters. To avoid brutal shock to passengers moving from a zero-G to a near earth-G environments, the cabin will be dropped in free-fall when moving from the core to the torus, and decelerated gradually to reach zero speed simultaneously with the torus level. Similarly, when the cabin travels from the torus to the core, it will be given an acceleration until it reaches a speed that will bring it to a still in free fall when it reaches the core level.



Electricity will be the main source of energy for the hotel, and will be provided by solar photovoltaic panels. The panels will be hung off the central module, radially extending towards the torus, and parallel to the rays.




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