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The logic goes as follows: the hotel needs gravity. There’s no getting around that: a space hotel must have artificial gravity, be it only for the need to pee in a decent manner. There has to be bedrooms, restaurants, kitchens, restrooms, bars, laundromat, medical facilities, and every other thing that makes life beareable in this existence. All with an «up» and a «down».

Until someone pulls some invention out of Star Trek, the only known way of having artificial gravity is to be inside a rotating structure. Therefore, the hotel’s shape will be round and it will rotate. This rotation will create a «down» direction towards the edges, and an «up» direction towards the center.

That being said, there also must be a zero-gravity still area, to allow for shuttle docking and zero-weight leisure. Within a rotating circular structure, there happens to be a zero-G area at the center. Therefore, there will be docking and zero-G facilities located in a central module, including panoramic outside view.

One third component of the hotel structure is implied from the first two: conduits from the center module to the outer torus. These conduits will allow guests to move between the dock and the main living area, and to visit the panoramic zero-G facilities at will.



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